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Hi, I’m Rachel and I love Jesus, my family, photography, and the beach. I feel that a day gone by without capturing beauty is a day wasted and seeing God’s creation spread out before me here in Orange Beach motivates me to share it with others. I especially enjoy helping others take memories of their time on the beach home with them by making portraits of them enjoying it. That’s why I called my website Beach Love Photography. It is all about love for each other and loving being at the beach. Please contact me if you would like to schedule a session!

A session is $275. You get a one hour at sunset for up to 6 people and 30 images that will be available for you to download in print and web formats with permission to print. A $100 deposit is due at the time of booking and is nonrefundable. The balance of $175 is due at the time of the session. If there is a problem with the weather, we will reschedule. I do not sell prints of the photos, but I do recommend that you have your photos printed by 

Something I want to say about getting family portraits done on the beach is that it’s a lot of fun! Really, it is! But I want to admit that I am always concerned at the beginning of every session because I have an idea of how I want it to go and I am nervous about meeting new people. In fact, on the drive to the beach I usually start my prayer by asking, “Oh, God, why did I ever think that I could do this?” I am like a moth to the flame when I do portraits because it is the thing that is most scary to me and the most fulfilling.

And you moms who gather your families together, dress them nicely, and cart them to the session (many times against their will), y’all are so brave and tenacious. I am in awe of y’all! For some reason, people look forward to having portraits done about as much as they look forward to their next dentist appointment. I remember as a child hating to go to Olan Mills as much as I hated going to the doctor and I dreaded going into that dark room, sitting on shag carpet covered boxes and staring into brights lights as much as I dreaded getting a shot. Thank God we will be at the beach!

If you are going to have portraits done by me, I want to ask you to let go of your expectations. You will be very stressed out if you have visions of perfection in your mind. I always go into a session with plans, but I have learned that I cannot control all conditions, things will not go exactly as I want them to, and that it turns out better that way. I love capturing the personality of families, the energy, spontaneity, and creativity of people gathered on the beach to be photographed cannot be bottled, cannot be reproduced, cannot be manufactured.

I have never had a session that was a waste of time or money, but I have learned several things that you can do to make a session go even better. First, don’t let anyone get sunburned. Faces get puffy when they are burned and it isn’t very comfortable either (but it isn’t the end of the world if it happens). Second, feed everyone. Not too much, but make sure that no one is hungry. Third, be calm. If you have a surly husband or teen, emphasize how short of a time the session will take and resort to bribery if you must. I will always be in favor of bribery. Also, if you have little ones, bring several little toys that they like. And know that you and everyone with you will probably end up getting wet. Just KNOW that and don’t try to trick yourself into believing differently. I have never seen people leave the beach without getting wet, even grandparents. Bring towels.

Remember why you want photos of your family. It is because you love them and you want to remember how they looked this day and you want to capture your bond and you want to make memories of the fun and love you share. I pray that you will enjoy it and will have more than photographs to treasure from the experience.


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